Top Ten Tokyo: Eats.


Welcome to my first “Top Ten Tokyo” blog post! I’ll be doing a series of these over the next few weeks, highlighting my personal top-ten in various categories. I’ve been to Tokyo six times now, and have been lucky enough to experience it from a variety of perspectives: student, tourist, and alongside locals. So I […]

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Hair, Music, Zombies.


In that exact order. I’ve had the most mental week. I’m trying to cut down on cursing on my blog so I’ll limited myself to one HOLY SHIT THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME before toning it way back down. Seriously though. I’m going to start with the hair because chronological order, yo. LOOK, NEW HAIR! I’ve […]

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Tea Who? T2!


Tea and Teapot from T2 If you do not like tea, you are wrong and have made some severely disappointing and slightly peculiar life choices. But that’s ok. We can heal you. You see, tea is great for literally everything. Stressed out? Chamomile. Trying not to eat an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s? Something […]

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