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Pleased to meet you. Hang around for a while, I have a few stories to tell.


Who does Horror? Scary stuff from 5 countries.

I am a huge horror buff. I love it. I watch a lot of it. There’s something about creating a story that incites fear, one of our most primal responses, that I find incredibly clever and captivating. Inventing a narrative that makes people genuinely afraid is hard (unless you’re mainstream media but that’s another rant for another day) so it’s a thrill when I find… Read more →


New Heights: Hiking in Yosemite

It’s important to have dreams. The things on our bucket list give us something to think about on the train to work, something to distract us from bills and vacuuming and refreshing Instagram one more time, and something to work toward. It’s good to have big dreams, but it’s just as important to have ones you know that (with a little planning and maybe… Read more →

Meme 01265

Being Informed About Things & Stuff

I originally wanted to do this post as a video but I have a habit of taking off my pants and makeup as soon as I get inside the door which is sort of counter-productive to video-making. Anyway. Being informed about things (and stuff) is one of those obligations that creeps up on you as you veer toward the horrifying reality… Read more →


Tattoo Time: putting my best foot forward.

Let’s talk foot tattoos. Yeah they look pretty awesome, right? Right. Foot tattoos are, in my humble opinion, some of the loveliest tattoos a girl (or guy) can get. You’ve got a relatively flat surface to go to town on, they can cover an entire surface area without being in-your-face, and they’re easily hidden. To me, that makes the feet a damn… Read more →