Hair, Music, Zombies.

In that exact order.

I’ve had the most mental week. I’m trying to cut down on cursing on my blog so I’ll limited myself to one HOLY SHIT THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME before toning it way back down.

Seriously though. I’m going to start with the hair because chronological order, yo.


I’ve needed a cut for months and months but I always wait until just before a big event to get it done. An event like one of your favourite bands (possibly even the glorious #1) being in your city for the first time since 2008.

The ladies at Lunatic Fringe always do me a solid when I ask them for the impossible.

“I’m growing my hair out from a pixie cut and I don’t want it to look thin but I still need it textured because it’s so straight and I really don’t want a fringe and I was hoping for a red-brown colour with highlights OH and I dyed my WHOLE HEAD PINK like a month ago.”

Yeah, sorry ladies. But HOW GOOD DID THEY DO?! It’s a leeeeettle greasy in these photos because I’m trying this thing called Being Incredibly Lazy where I just braid my hair before bed and pile it up with product in the morning to avoid washing it. But I think it still looks pretty damn adorable, right? Right.

Miracle workers, I tell you.IMG_5623IMG_5627

Boots by Unif from, jeans by Witchery, tee by Black Milk Clothing.

Now, let’s flash back to my lunch break on the day of the haircut and concert.

At lunch time, I check my emails. Because that’s what you do when you’re umbilically attached to technology. And I open my personal email and I see an email from Soundwave Touring.

I think “oh right, I entered that competition. Yeah, cool. But they don’t normally email the losers right?” Because I have literally never won anything, ever.

When I opened the email and saw that I’d won a meet and greet with The Fratellis I think I must have sat there for a good 15 seconds with my mouth open just re-reading the email and making sure it wasn’t a hoax. Because seriously, this doesn’t happen to me. After a while I woke up and started telling everyone in earshot that I’d won the thing, not caring if I was greeted with congratulations or scared, confused silence (I was VERY excited).

Now after my haircut, flash forward again, I break the speed limit maybe just a little bit to get to the Tivoli in time. I JUST make it for the meet and greet, and I go around the back to meet the band (with my lovely +1, Sab). fratellis1

Yaaaaay. They were lovely and signed my phone for me, despite the apparently scary level of commitment (seriously guys it’s one in like 100 million I am not even exaggerating there).

I do have to clarify, meeting celebrities is not really a huge thing for me. I just don’t think I have the ability to freak out over people. But it is very  cool to be able to say hi to people whose music you’ve danced around your room in your underwear to. I forgot to thank these guys for making music that makes me happy, all the time, no matter how shitty my day has been, which I’m kicking myself about. But it was a great experience to meet them because now I know for sure that the blokes who make the tunes I love so much are just as lovely as they are talented.

The concert itself? Mind-blowingly awesome. These guys kill it on stage, and it’s the first concert I’ve been to in years where I not only knew every word to every song, but physically couldn’t stop moving and dancing and jumping along. They’re just infectious good fun. Highlight of the night? Making us wait until the very last song of a four-song encore for Chelsea Dagger. Worth it. I think I sprained something I danced so hard. And I certainly didn’t have much of a voice the day after.

Which was in itself an issue, because the next day I was off to Supanova Gold Coast. If you’re playing along at home, I volunteer at Supanova every year. This year, I’m doing the whole damn tour. Exciting stuff.

Gold Coast is the first show of 2014 and as usual I was lucky enough to be a PA to one of the Special Guests. It’s a huge privilege to have this position, and even though it’s crazy full-on it’s always worth it.


So Supanova Gold Coast was a HUGE SUCCESS. It was intense and crazy and all the best kinds of weird you expect to find at a pop culture convention.

And, haha, now I’m going down to Melbourne (literally at the airport as we speak!) to do the whole Supanova thing again. It’s going to be great because a) I haven’t been to Melbourne since I was a kid and b) doing a full Supanova tour is the coolest thing ever because you get into a groooooove, right? I am also shitting myself freaking out a little bit because I don’t know Melbourne and I’ve been so busy I’m actually not sure how I could be less prepared for the trip. Whatever, it’s going to be great. I’m sure I’ll tell you all about it.

Oh and hey, next Friday I’ll be leaving for Tokyo for 10 days. So there’s that.

Woefully underprepared does not even begin to cover it, but nevermind. Living life on the vaguely frightening edge, that’s me.

Alex out.



Tea Who? T2!


Tea and Teapot from T2

If you do not like tea, you are wrong and have made some severely disappointing and slightly peculiar life choices.

But that’s ok. We can heal you.

You see, tea is great for literally everything. Stressed out? Chamomile. Trying not to eat an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s? Something sweet, Strawberries and Cream maybe. Feeling like ass after a big night out? Matcha. Stomach upset? Lemon and Ginger. Bloated? Nettle or Peppermint. Not a smoker but need a break at work? English Breakfast.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the teas I have in the photo above:

Turkish Apple: Originating from turkey. Sweet and very full of delicious, apple-y flavour. Great with a bit of cinnamon and honey, amazing iced. Fun to mix with other teas.

Strawberries & Cream: Better than cake. Sweet and fruity, tastes exactly how you hope it will.

White Jasmine: White tea, which is the highest grade of tea, with fragrant jasmine. The jasmine sweetens the brew and balances any bitterness of the tea.

Chocolate: Yeah pretty much what it sounds like. My local store doesn’t keep this tea on display, it’s just available on the wall behind the counter. Why? Was there some kind of delicious tea-induced riot at some point? Who knows.

Creme Brulee: Come to mama. I buy this tea over and over again because it’s like having a warm, drinkable dessert in a mug. Nutty and caramely and buttery and just give it to me, give it to me now.

Cocoa Loco: This tea actually asks cocoa husks in it and is possibly the most glorious thing you can drink out of a mug. You can make hot chocolate with it by brewing it on milk. What even. Also comes in orange and mint versions. Don’t ever stop, T2.

Sleep Tight: Super relaxing with lavender and chamomile, and deliciously fragrant thanks to the rose and lemonbalm. Definitely helps me wind down at night, it’s like a warm fuzzy cuddle for your brain.

Southern Sunrise: DING. The exact opposite to Sleep Tight, this is a citrus-y blend that will wake you right up. Fantastic chilled, too.

Raspberry Rush: Fruit and flowers, raspberry and hibiscus. This is my favourite tea to chill and serve iced because you can really go to town adding fresh fruits and floral garnishes.

French Earl Grey: Probably my favourite tea, ever. French earl grey has the same light citrus note as regular earl grey, but it also has vanilla and fruit and florals. It’s just perfect.

Phew. Done. And this is JUST my T2 collection, so it doesn’t include the tea I’ve picked up elsewhere, and it’s before we even get into my partner Naoki’s stash. He’s got about 8 different kinds of green tea and apparently they are all different.

There are so many different types of tea and some of them do really great health-improving things which is actually a huge surprise for something that tastes so brilliant.

Which brings me back to T2.

T2 have 180 different kinds of tea. I’m not sure I’ve ever had 180 different varieties of one thing. The possibilities are overwhelming. 180? Really? That’s mental. So, tea-deniers, I bet this drawing of a spider that if you walked into a T2 store you would walk out with a tea you love.


It helps that T2 are one of the few (and swiftly diminishing) retail stores that actually this whole ‘selling’ thing right. Their stores are an experience. You can taste-test, the staff all know their stuff, everyone’s very friendly and easy to talk to. I actually ended up talking to a staff member for about 20 minutes one day, about tea and about Black Milk and about cats and needless to say I walked out $50 poorer but extremely happy and with enough tea to make a slightly nutty political party want to toss me over the side of a ship.

Their website is a bit of fun too. Naturally, you can read all about tea all day long and then buy it online. But then it gets cool. They have a thing called T2TV, which is full of videos about…tea. Making it, making it better,  why it’s awesome, and so on and so forth.

And just when you think they’re done being just that little bit different, you stumble upon this. It’s a ‘tea dating service’ that matches you with your perfect teas. Fantastic.

One of mine was Creme Brulee.


This is one of my all-time favourites. I make it on honey and soy milk and it’s like drinking a bar of chocolate. In fact, I love having a big old mug of it instead of a bar of chocolate, particularly when I’ve already consumed enough bars of chocolate to feed a small nation – a regular occurrence.

Actually whenever anyone asks me why my uncontrollable and indiscriminate adoration of food hasn’t led me to become a humanoid version of Jabba the Hut, my answer is usually “tea”. (Along with portion control and exercise and all that boring wank but tea is the fun part.)

Tea fills you up. Tea is a fantastic alternative to second or third dinner, and an ever better alternative to a fourth or fifth dessert.

All hail tea.

And I think that’s a fitting note to finish up on!

Before I buzz off, say hello to Biscuit. Cats are always so helpful. Especially the part where they knock everything on the floor, slowly and deliberately.


Sigh. Time for another cuppa.



Pink Hair? Don’t Care!


Directions Hair Dye in Flamingo Pink

Ok I’ve dyed my hair turquoise using directions in the past (posted about it here) and loved it, so I figured I’d give pink a go. I didn’t want to bleach my hair beforehand since I’m trying to grow everything out, so I just put the dye in over what I already had going on.

I had a few inches of virgin hair, with a bleached fringe and some old highlights hanging around as well. Here we go…



And after!


So yeah Flamingo Pink is pretty bright. It’s a really lovely, true pink. I approve!

I’ve also got a few pics from over the last week to show how it fades. These are from the day after colouring my hair:


This is about 4 days after colouring. You can see how it’s started to fade out of the virgin hair roots quite a lot, but is holding well everywhere else:

IMG_5559 IMG_5576

Aaaand this is a week later:


Any parts that weren’t bleached have faded, but the dye is clinging very well to my bleached fringe and my old highlights. If you want to know how this dye will look on pre-lightened hair, just focus on my fringe :) But it clearly doesn’t hold onto virgin hair, which I suppose is great if you’re just looking for a temporary colour :P

(Sorry kind of a crappy pic that last one, I’d had a few drinks and the thought of setting up my flash was altogether too much.)

I’m currently trying to grow my hair out from a pixie cut, and the urge to chop it all off has been just overwhelming lately. But for real I can’t deal with the maintenance  of a pixie cut any more. Gotta keep trimming it, gotta style it, colour grows out so fast, bed hair is never sexy – only super-saiyan. I just want to be able to brush, tie back, go. Soooooooonn.

The pink is helping me stay happy for the next month until I get my hair trimmed and highlighted again!

Then the goal is grow to my collarbones, keep it highlighted, and dye the tips for funsies every so often. I want to do a great big post on what I’ve learned about cuts for fine hair when I get to my goal, so keep an eye out for that over the next few months!

Anyway, I hope this has been informative to anyone looking to go for pink hair (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)


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