Frantically Justifying a Shoe Addiction


Shameful admission time…these are my shoes…


Yeah so that’s a lot of shoes, right? (And yes, I have the world’s ugliest carpet.) More shoes than anyone reaaallly needs. By a pretty wide margin. Certainly too many for someone who isn’t, actually, that fashionable and tends to wear docs 4 out of 7 days a week. But every time I look at my shoe collection and hate myself a little bit, I also remember that I dress really plainly. I like leggings and jeans and tees in various shades of black and grey. Prints scare me. My idea of detail is contrast stitching. So when I look at my wardrobe, I find it extremely comforting to know that I’m a change of shoes away from a new focal point to my outfit.

And, let’s face it, there are a lot of wardrobe-essential shoes out there.

You need your flats, your pumps, your platforms, your kicks, your platform kicks (if you’re as short as I am), your sandals, your statement shoes, your go-with-everything shoes…and that’s not even getting into the realm of boots, which I firmly believe you can never have too many of.

I am also constantly astonishing myself with the shoes I don’t have. Like, until last Sunday I didn’t own Vans. Vans. Seriously? How does someone who spent so much of their life in jeans and tees not own Vans? Idk. I just didn’t get around to it…until I’d spent something in the region of 48 hours in heels, and desperately desperately needed to grab some flats to wear. And hey presto, suddenly Vans. Love. Them. Actual lifesaver shoes, prevent my feet from dropping off right there on Pitt St mall. So naturally I wore them to work on Monday with a classic “I need about 12 more hours of sleep” outfit.

Superdry tee, Bardot jeans

Superdry tee, Bardot jeans


I was also wearing the oversized jacket I got from Taobao! Mega comfy, mega cheap, happy Alex.

Now back to shoes.

Soooo what shoes do I have my eye on at the moment?


A.K. by YES

Glock by YES

Lo Res Lo by United Nude

I’m actually thinking to grab the white ones this week because you might notice in that collection pic up there that uhhhh white does not feature heavily in my current stockpile. And when you wear all black all the time, you should prob have at least one pair of white shoes right?

Right. I find it really tough to uncover white shoes that really tickle my pickle, but the construction of these is just go gorgeous I’m finding them tough to resist – and they actually look much nicer in the white than the other colours I think. With a surface like that, you want to get them in a shade that will reflect as much light as possible! Also, printed on the 3D printer. I’ve been nerding out over 3D printers for like 2 years now. </frantic justifying of shoes>

Aaand I’m also obsessing over these which are so far out of my price range it’s actually painful (but oh how I want them!):

Top by Trippen

Aaand I’m still umming and ahhing over this:

Double Band by Fessura

But THESE…these are the boots I’m craving for winter:

Uhhhh <3 Black, draped effect, buckles. Hello beautiful! I’m picturing it with something like this:

Why I Need Zealot Boots

Unf. Yeah I think I need them.

Now I’m going to write some things for work and then add a bit more to my ‘marketing to employers’ post. Then I might get pizza, idk. I’m upset because McDonalds now uses high fructose corn syrup in pretty much everything (menus updated as of May 16) so I have officially eaten my last ever cheeseburger. It’s pretty devistating, and I think I’ll need cheesy stuffed crust hawaiian pizza to recover.

To wrap up, here’s an obligatory picture of my cat, seen here during late afternoon in contemplation of the neighbours.



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